Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Day 22, Lazy Lisa Day. Forty Days Of Patience (And Other Good Stuff)

What a luxuriously lazy day I have had today. I've indulged myself massively and just done whatever the flip I wanted without an ounce of guilt.
It's great to be of service, to help out, but from time to time you need to take five minutes (or 24 hours, no judgement) for yourself. Now, I have no kids and no real responsibilities I suppose. I can make my business as busy or as quiet as it needs to be and as for the other job, well, I still have four days left off.
I was talking to my sister yesterday and she was giving me the run through of her days, I gotta say I felt guilty at the time at the comparison between her life and mine. But the thing is, we always adjust. That's the great thing about us (us as humans, not just me & my sis) we can stretch and bend to fit our lives at any given moment. Sometimes the stretch is tight yeah, but others we have a bit more breathing room.
My life, whilst relatively simple to me; I have a full time day job, a full time business, a rented home, two cats and a now fiance, might be an absolute nightmare to someone else. I'm not sure I could jump from my day to day straight into that of my sister, but I'm pretty confident we'd both adjust after a while.
custom mug, lisa mug, personalised mugWhatever level of busyness you've set your life at, always take that time to sit back for a little while and appreciate it. You may not have the luxury of taking a full day like me, but however much time you can fit in (and I know you have free time) then take it, guilt free, I will excuse you.

So I officially name this day Lazy Lisa day. I will be off this time next year too, hopefully pregnant and barefoot, what day will you choose?

Look, I even made this mug to commemorate!

In other news today, my boyfr, erm, fiance proposed! Now if you were around yesterday you'll know that I proposed to him on Monday (read the post here) so it was totally out of the blue. I walked out of the living room into the hallway and there he was, down on actual bended knee. The cats had even gathered in front of him to get in on the action! His Mum had passed on a ring for me and it's absolutely beautiful and such a lovely sentiment (I had to go in the other room as I'd welled up again). A real life diamond has now found a home on my finger, scary? YES, I'm now afraid to leave the house, but I'm pretty sure I'll get used to it.

So yeah, to sum up, this day has been bloody ruddy good. My whole week so far in fact has been amazing. What's next?

Rating ~ Rested, thankful & happy

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